Deadly Egg Competition

Deadly Egg Competition

I couldn't believe the number of knickers-eggs we had last year, so of course I HAD to run the competition again this year.

My egg-decorating skills have declined considerably since my childhood years, so I've used Lindy's winning picture from last year to help you get the idea - but we had people do all sorts, including sewing teeny tiny egg outfits!

So here's the rules! (pretty simples)

1) get some eggs -  one of my siblings is threatening to get an ostrich egg, but your standard supermarket ones is just fine.

2) Decorate them in lingerie, sleepwear or swimwear -  bonus points for managing a KMD design. Extra super bonus points if your egg model is so good we make it reality ;)

3) Take a picture.

4) Email it to us ( with permission for us to post it online or post it yourself to one of these:

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Kiss Me Deadly Pinterest

Tag us or or we won't know! (#kissmedeadlylingerie, or any of our actual names, or #deadlyegg should work)

5) Wait for a winner!

This is just a quickie competition so you've got just over a week -  deadline is Wednesday the 30th March 2016.

The winner gets a £100 voucher to spend with us!

Smart cookies will notice I am letting Lydia handle entries as I always run heinously late with competitions :)

Ready, steady, EGG!