"Bees!" "I know, right!?"

"Bees!" "I know, right!?"

We’re at London Fashion Week (well, until tomorrow, and one of us visited Moda on Sunday) and the title is probably the best conversation I have heard about a necklace. It made a refreshing change to the general level of “no but really its about the ART” faff that a significant chunk of fashionista land revolves around. I love clothes, but I do feel that really, its about how you wear them and having fun. Clothes on a rail don’t do it so much for me. There’s some awesome stuff here though, as usual I am mostly over-excited about hats.

Anyway, we’re all in the Lingerie Boudoir again, I think there are about 20 rails in one room, which means we’re making some good friends and definitely avoiding too many legumes. Kriss Soonik is next to us, new to the show, and so nice that I feel like even more like a crabby old cynic. She went out and found me my favourite chocolate to get me through the first day, so I will love her forever. Also, she has wraparound big pant type affairs, which I’m really taken with.

We’ve been causing OUTRAGE and LOVE in equal amounts, this time by having Ginger with me (it never occurred to me but of course she is plus size by no small amount, which is apparently an issue, judging by the facial expressions) and by having various performers ambling about in out stuff, crucially, failing to be models. I use models for modelling. They are great at modelling, and it really is much harder than you think. But for ambling about LFW showing off lingerie as outerwear and how you can look great in it without being a 34b and a small? And talking about it all and generally handling crowds of people, I tend to go for performers instead. What can I say? It works for us. This year we also gave them wings and horns on occasion because of our Midsummer Nights Dream theme.

Occasionally we’ve been mixing up our items with a few other brands, so here's a few pics of Lydia Darling who was doing a sterling job of talking about lingerie over the weekend.

Fashion corset – Playful Promises. Suspenders and knickers – Kiss Me Deadly. Stockings - Hepburn and Leigh. Sheer pencil skirt – Topshop. Pink leather gloves – Oasis. everything else you’d have to ask Lydia about.

As you can tell from the brand names there's, yes, we’re so haute it hurts.


Bra – Kiss Me Deadly. Teddy – Sally Jones. Knickers – Playful Promises. Gloves and stockings – Cervin

Fans, Lydia's own. I love being able to use this shot, because its a lot of fun and normally I can’t use shots where every detail of the lingerie is absolutely clear!


Feather bolero – Sally Jones. Bra – Playful Promises. Stockings and suspenders (the black panels in the skirt are actually sheer so honestly, you could see them) – Kiss Me Deadly. Stockings and gloves – Cervin. Completely impractical and utterly fabulous skirt, mine, from Libby Rose. Because what everyone needs in February is sheer panels and a train.

This is actually in the Lingerie Boudoir – you can see the La Perla mannequin, plus the bloke in the suit is our very nice security bloke. He likes being near us. Obviously I have no idea why.

If you amble by our twitter there will be some rather less professional pictures of our own silly outfits. These may contain significant boobage!