Back To Black Kickstarter; want to know more? Want to win a corset?

Back To Black Kickstarter; want to know more? Want to win a corset?

For quite some time I've been trying to untangle the issues of how to finance new collections as a small brand. the old way was to take them to shows and the get retailers to order in advance. At it's best, we could raise £20,000 that way, which is a good start! But not only is trade show attendance falling, but  what you want and what the stores want isn't the same. Deadlies want innovation, excitement and limited editions. Businesses want continuity, consistency and... beige.

One of the solutions is obvious - instead of taking stuff to the stores, give the people who really get us the chance to be there first, via crowdfunding. The biggest crowdfunding platform is Kickstarter, so Lydia and I did a swimwear project there back in Summer, got 70% of the way there, learnt a million things about what we could improve, and then started plotting the next one.

In the middle of this I announced that I hate boring infomercial style videos and somehow... we've ended up doing a short Film Noir with a TOTALLY REASONABLE plot.

Which I am sure Lydia in no way invented so she could lock me up.

What might it be useful for you to know?

1) Absolutely no-one was harmed in this video really, though there was An Incident with a steamer...

2) When you pledge on Kickstarter, the money is only taken from your card on the 27th November 2015 after 1pm GMT, if we hit the target. They will continue to try and take payment for 14 days after that.

3) When you back on Kickstarter, it is not like making an order. You do not get the statutory rights to cancel or exchange you get on the site (though if we get enough funding, actually, exchanges will be possible). But you DO get discounts, exclusive gifts, and being first in line.

3) To produce all the garments in the Kickstarter at the usual minimum order quantity would cost around £60,000. To produce everything we sampled successfully (I didn't put them all in the Kickstarter) would cost more like £100,000

4) If we make the target, we will make what you order. If we surpass the target, we will make extras, which will make size exchanges possible. If we massively surpass the target, entire new items become a possibility.

5) If the Kickstarter doesn't get funded, the bra styles won't go into production. Other things will, but not these. Sorry.

6) Assuming you all answer your size and item survey within 3 days of the Kickstarter ending, the factory think they can make the sleepwear by February and the lingerie in March. I've said delivery in April just because there are literally thousands of things that can go wrong and I'd rather delight you than disappoint!

7) Yes, the bra sizes have changed. Now, 32-36 B-G (old fashioned sizing). We actually managed to make a sample that was too big for Morgana's top half for once!

8) The people in the video are Morgana (size UK 6-8, petite stature, usually wears a 30E if she can), Maz (UK10, model height, usually wears a 32C if she can) and Jess (size 12ish, somewhere around 6' tall, usually wears around a 36DD in our styles). I'll be doing detailed breakdowns of their outfits and the styles over the next few weeks, and you can see the core information here on the Kickstarter now.

9) There will be more information every week - not to mention another mini-episode of the murder mystery. And if you want to know whodunnit at the end? You need to pledge, or join the mailing list right now!

10) It's a murder mystery. That means you can guess the killer. When you do, post the link, #KMDkillerstyle, and you'll have entered a competition to win a custom made for you Demi-Corset.

Let me know any questions in the comments!

You should probably pledge, they look really cross and they've been practising looming.