10 silly things about Karolina Laskowka

10 silly things about Karolina Laskowka

10 Silly Things About Karolina Laskowska

This week sees a tiny, super exclusive collection from Karolina Laskowska joining us. I'm blaming you for it because for some reason recently you've bought pink things, so here's some more pink things. In deference to your normal preferences however, we have included some black things, some kinky things, and some pantograms.

1) It's all my fault. Seriously, all of it. Many years ago, I wrote a piece on a graduation project from the knickers, sorry, contour degree, Karolina read it, stopped training to be a lawyer and started on fashion. This is TERRIFYING. No-one should base their career on stuff I say.

2) This also means I've met Karolina's mum. Strangely, she doesn't totally disapprove of me.

3) Karolina started her own jewellery brand when she was 14, and began selling it herself on market stalls plus into shops. For some reason she didn't think this was enough to put on a CV to get a job. Pro tip. IT REALLY IS.

4) "Kinky sexy pants of joy" is a phrase she came up with entirely by herself as a joke, and I said I didn't understand why it couldn't just be her tagline.

5) She might as well face it, she's totally addicted to lace. Insanely expensive lace. She sometimes tempts even me, but more often our conversations consist of me going "but can you really justify this? I mean it's £250 a metre!" and her insisting she can...

6) She's a polaroid fanatic! Retro but I'm starting to see why.

7) Her hair is longer than mine, but she has not the secret to making it into a giant nautilus on her head.

8) She has her own specialist cake supplier. For subverting the male gaze.

9) She hates swimwear. Like, seriously for reals.

10) Her design studio, where she sews most of her stock, is in a former dentists office, and thus she takes naps on a large and immovable dentists chair, surrounded by rolls of incredibly expensive silk and complicated strappy things!

Catch her here for the next 3 weeks, visit her site for more choice and custom orders, and don't forget she has a selfie competition!