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Everythingless Cupless Bralet

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Ouvert ALL the things!* To go with a pantygirdle that we took the back out from, clearly the logical partner is this midi-line, front fastening soft bralet. It's made from a sheer, almond-shade mesh, with a soft, sheer black mesh with diamond patterns and bows woven in over the top. Black trims and black adjustable shoulder straps finish it.

You can wear this as a low cut bra and it will offer some support, though it won't  lift and seperate the way wired bras do; or we also like it worn over other bras and tops as a lingerie fashion item. If you wear it over a bra it will add some oomph to it.

* This phrase originates with the excellent Hyperbole and a Half, whom I thoroughly recommend reading. Though she has never in any way endorsed ouverting anything, probably because no-one ever let her loose in the land of lingerie.


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