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We like big pants! And we're British so we call them pants and knickers, but we also do high waisted, briefs, shorties, pantygirdles, but we fell out with thongs years ago.

Bettie Page Black/Peach Z Stitch Highwaist Brief £30.00Bettie Page Peach French Knicker £20.00Bettie Page Teal/Black Z Stitch Highwaist Brief £30.00Eleanor Lilac Silk and Leavers Lace Thong £95.00Eleanor Lilac Silk Brief £95.00Eleanor Lilac Silk French Knicker £120.00Free Knickers with the Valenti or Beauvoir Bra £0.00Pre-Order Bettie Page Black French Knicker £20.00Pre-Order Bettie Page Classic High Waist Ouvert Brief £15.00Pre-Order Bettie Page Ivory French Knicker £20.00Pre-Order Elsa Black Lace Brief £25.00Pre-Order Elsa Black Lace Brief Curve £25.00Pre-Order Juliet Red Retro Brief £25.00Pre-Order Juliet Red Retro Brief Curve £25.00Rose Noir Latex Nouveau Briefs £118.00Rose Noir Latex Nouveau High Waisted Briefs £149.00Sadie Midnight Blue Lace Brief £25.00Sadie Midnight Blue Lace Curve Brief £25.00Basbleu Highwaist Sash Brief £45.00Kliterati Brief £39.00Dietrich High Waist Brief £44.00Valenti Brief £32.00Ruffle High Waist Knicker £69.00Beauvoir Brief £34.00Renoir Pin-Up Brief £24.00Jacquotte Brief £28.00Pre-Order Tamara Black and Peach Lace Brief £20.00Tamara Black and Peach Lace Brief Curve (UK18-24) £20.00Van Doren Pin Up Knicker £24.00Everythingless Ouvert Pantygirdle £74.00Peach Tie-Side Knicker £19.00Burgundy Tie-Side Knicker £19.00Turquoise Tie-Side Knickers £19.00Emerald Tie-Side Knickers £19.00Eleanor Grey French Knickers £120.00Serena Rose Classic Brief £75.00Serena Ivory Thong £70.00Andromeda Classic Briefs £95.00Viola Almond Tie Side Brief £105.00Renoir Pantygirdle £59.00Jacquotte Pantygirdle £59.00Red Tie-Side Knicker £19.00Black Tie-Side Knicker £19.00Rosie Fuchsia Ouvert Brief £25.00Ara Harness Brief £50.00Ara Cross Over Cut Out Brief £50.00Carina Harness Brief £45.00Carina Cross Over Thong £45.00Ara Cross Over Harness Mesh and Lace Thong £50.00Carina Cross Over Cut-Out Brief £45.00Andromeda Thong £90.00Eleanor Almond Classic Briefs £95.00Eleanor Almond French Knicker £120.00Eleanor Almond Thong £95.00Eleanor Grey Classic Briefs £95.00Eleanor Grey Thong £95.00Eleanor Hazel Classic Briefs £95.00Eleanor Hazel French Knicker £120.00Eleanor Hazel Thong £95.00Serena Ivory Brief £75.00Serena Rose Thong £70.00