Valenti Quarter Cup Soft Bra

By Kiss Me Deadly


A 50's inspired curvy black satin boned but wire-free 1/4 cup bralet with delicate tulle frill.

You can wear this as a low cut bra and it will offer some support, though it won't lift and separate the way wired bras do, or we also like it worn over other bras and tops as a lingerie fashion item. Where it sits on you will depend on your breast shape and nipple placement; if you're an E cup or above, it's probably best to go up a size - but be aware that this isn't a bra designed with athletic activity in mind! 

* This phrase originates with the excellent Hyperbole and a Half, whom I thoroughly recommend reading. Though she has never in any way endorsed ouverting anything, probably because no-one ever let her loose in the land of lingerie.


 32A,32B,32C,32D,32DD,32E,34A,34B,34C,34D,34DD,34E,,36A,36B,36C,36D,36DD,36E, 38A,38B,38C,38D

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