Rose Noir Mucha Latex Gown

By Rose Noir Designs


Rose Noir Designs worked exclusively with us to create this collection of latex fabulousness. If you're not familiar with latex then you will need to read this blog before ordering! 

If you're a latex fan then you'll know that making latex garment is a slow, zen-like process of carefully and precisely bonding seams together using glues and solvents, which is practically an art form in itself.  As each garment is hand-made anyway, Rose and I have agreed to do these garments made-to-measure, so please expect to need a tape measure, fill in a form, and give us about 8 weeks to finish your item.

The Mucha is a full-length latex ballgown, albeit probably most places insisting on ballgowns would also ask that they not be transparent. The gown has a high halter neck, with a sleeveless, tight-to-the-knee bodice that flares into a fishtail skirt with a flounce on one side and an asymmetric puddle train (even on model Jess who's very tall, though we will fit this to your height). The dress is handpainted in liquid gold latex Art Nouveau inspired motifs, with a white highlight picking out a feminine profile and back. Each one is different and unique.

Shown in transparent pink, this can be done on any colour of latex, though the handpainted ornamentation will vary. Please be aware that transparent latex IS genuinely transparent - some details were airbrushed out to make the images website-friendly!


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