Made To Order Red Ribbon Fan Lace Girdle

By Kiss Me Deadly


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The photo's by Claire Seville are from a series where we worked with our customers who have hidden illnesses. To see more, start here.

The Fan Lace Girdle is a lightweight corset or form control girdle style garment made from none-stretch duchess satin, with synthetic whalebone between panels, powernet inserts at the base, hook and eye fastening at the front side, 4 adjustable suspender straps with narrow metal clips, and of course the all important fan lacing at the back. Narrow satin ribbon leads to metal sliders that have grosgrain ribbon straps.

This version comes with red ribbon; it is not custom dyed and is closer to the Renoir print (on the right hand side of the third image) than the Kliterati. The emerald shows the style but with a different colour ribbon.

Fan Laced Girdles were invented to help women dress themselves alone. Now, in a modern context, that might sound insane, but there was a period where women's clothing came with an almost compulsory corset, and though you can lace those yourself, the longer length the corset and the less flexible you get, the more challenging that becomes! In fan lacing, the ribbon at the back is threaded into special metal sliders that lead to wide grosgrain straps on either side, and you simply pull on them rather than having to adjust all the corset lacing individually. It's a very unusual lacing style, and surprisingly practical!

Originally, these tended to be made in a sort of peachy cotton with heavy duty lacing, but I wanted to update the styling for Deadlies, hence the black satin with contrasting ribbon. It's taken what feels like a *million* years to get this into a position where we can make them, if you're interested in supplier and sewing issues, check the blog!

Sizing; this garment is none-stretch fabric so all the flexibility comes from the lacing, as with corsets. This means you can have them fully closed or up to a few inches apart up and down the back (obviously it's fine to have it more open at the bottom than at the top, or any other variation. We wouldn't recommend more than about a 3 inch gap). Fully closed, the measurements are:

S:   Waist 24 inches, hip 33 inches
M:  Waist 28 inches, hip 37 inches
L:   Waist 31 inches, hip 40 inches

XL:  Waist 34 inches, hip 43 inches

Please bear in mind that these measurements are the SMALLEST the garment can be.

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