Fiore Chatty Stockings

By Fiore


Polka-dot stockings; the soft, stretch, 20 denier sheer leg has a matt finish  and a regular pattern of tiny polka dots. They have a plain opaque top, and an invisibly reinforced (sheer) toe.

Sizing information

Fiore products tend to be fairly stretchy - so much so, they give their sizing advice in terms of your leg length. Since legs can be tricky to measure, we suggest choosing size 2 if you take KMD sizes S/M, 3 if you take sizes M/L, and 4 if you take size XL. If you're particularly tall, choose the next size up. If you're short, you can go down a size or decide that you like a slightly more opaque look!

Size 2 - Under 29" (Under 74cm)
Size 3 - 29" - 31" (74cm - 78cm)
Size 4 - Over 31" (Over 78cm)


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