Dani Silk Tap Pant

By Kiss Me Deadly


An extremely limited edition, this is handmade in the UK, with less than 10 in each colour!

This is based on 20's and 30's style, but in modern stretch silk. It has a waist band and shaped panels, with hidden poppers in the side. As with most 30's styles it's longer than modern french knickers, so the gusset hangs low, like shorts.  
Tap pants are lightweight and made from delicate fabrics; they don't show up under clothes any more than boned shapewear and chunky metal suspenders.

The last two images show the grey silk and the apricot silk, but aren't tap pants! Apologies, because there's so few of these we didn't waste any precious fabric sampling/photographing. The tap pant has no trims, it is entirely made from stretch silk, so unlke the other briefs there's no black elastics on show.

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