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So many of you asked about things that are in productions that I thought I'd best make a way for you to get notified easily when there's an update!

This is being made by the unit in the Philippines, which survived moving, a volcano, the pandemic and a typhoon last year so fingers crossed nothing ever happens ever again.

This teddy is made from a pattern developed by Fairygothmother, in a very lightweight polyester faux silk. It's fully reversible, with one side in wine and the other in black, with a deep plunge neck, cowl back, twisted straps, and pouffed out legs. You can turn it any which way, er, except head to toe. It's lightweight so it flattens under clothing, as shown under Philmore's designs.
(The sample is a medium, Maz is more of a size small)

It's called a teddymare because it is an absolute %$$@!!!! to sew.  I just loved it so much I insisted we carry on. Nobody sane makes things this complicated.

Sizes S-XL

Use the "Item out of stock - notify me!" box to get updates when this becomes available to buy.

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