Made To Order Sheer Lingerie Cape

By Kiss Me Deadly


Made to order by Lou in Sheffield, this can take 6-8 weeks depending on how many corsets she has to finish first.

You're a lingerie super-hero. Therefore, you deserve a cape. Or at least that's how we saw it when we discovered a stash of embroidered mesh that matched the trims we'd been using with Ayten and Karolina in the last year or so. Now, we can't get the spangly mesh, but we've made this sheer, black version instead.

They use up a tonne of fabric in each one to get that super swoopy feel (about 10 metres!) plus a drapey hood. Yes, Karolina had her Game Of Thrones on (Other Fantasy Series May Be Available) when she was thinking about how to make this, so its extremely dramatic and also, hoods are cool.

Please note that the superhero shots show the ambroidered mesh, you are ordering the plain version in the first shot (by and of Morgana).


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