Lulu and Lush Pandora Frilled Knicker

By Lulu & Lush

£16.00 £27.00

This satin-fronted knicker has layers and layers of soft stretch mesh frills with hearts at the back. I'm afraid the picture is pink but we have all red or all white. These are very stretchy and run pretty large.

Some background info; Lulu & Lush was a brand run by FairyGothMother, who older fans may recall used to be fabulous corsetry and lingerie specialists, and younger folks may know as a bridal shop. A mutual supplier was tidying up and, as is the way of warehouses, found some stock that had vanished down a wormhole. So, we all negotiated together and now you can buy it from us, BUT! Please don't ask for extra sizes or colours or for us to remake them or similar - for various reasons it would be almost impossible to replicate them now and I will cry if you persist!

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