Lulu and Lush Mesh Bolero Top

By Lulu & Lush

£12.00 £27.00

Soft stretch mesh tie front top with short sleeves, this works as a great conceal-yet-reveal options with corsets and fancy undies. The pink and red versions have a heart pattern, the black and cream are sheer, apologies for the main image being purple.

Some background info; Lulu & Lush was a brand run by FairyGothMother, who older fans may recall used to be fabulous corsetry and lingerie specialists, and younger folks may know as a bridal shop. A mutual supplier was tidying up and, as is the way of warehouses, found some stock that had vanished down a wormhole. So, we all negotiated together and now you can buy it from us, BUT! Please don't ask for extra sizes or colours or for us to remake them or similar - for various reasons it would be almost impossible to replicate them now and I will cry if you persist!

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