Lou Watson Persephone Cupless Underwired Bra Pattern PDF Download

By Lou Watson

  • Want to try sewing your own?
  • This pattern is by Lou Watson, our current pattern/production/corsetiere. This pattern was designed to print and make at home.
  • Prints out and A4/US letter size paper
  • 30-38 A-DD, based on the  plus 4 method (so a back size of 30 corresponds to an underbust measurement of around 16 inches)
  • As the cups barely exist I wouldn't get too stressed about the sizes, but be aware that wires offer some lift and separation, but obviously cupless bras mean there's no shaping for breast tissue itself
  • You will need to buy the fabric, elastic etc and sew this yourself (if you are in the USA you may find Lou's other retailer, The Bra Makery in the USA, helpful for this)
  • You can find the underwires for this pattern in the UK at Fit2Sew
  • Instructions are included as well as the pattern, and you can ask questions in the Deadlies group
  • File link shown after order and sent by email - check your spam filter! :)

Should you by any chance use this for commercial production, know this;

we will find you.

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