Lickstarter - Looking For Some Love - Cat Briefs

By Lickstarter

£11.00 £20.00

Lickstarter are a Latvian brand, created by Leiga, a textile printing star. She came up with these sublimation printed designs, and the pussy pants have been widely copied elsewhere. But why not buy the originals? They're super slinky fabric, like us they fit for bigger bums, and they're made in tiny quantities by people in Riga, the capital of Latvia - which is in the EU, so no worries on the ethical working conditions front.

We're currently the only UK stockist and we have just a small amount in stock for now. Grab them quick! They come in gift packaging.

This version has a winking grey stripy cat face in the centre of a cream background with black elastic picot trim around the top.

You can even stick them in a machine wash up to 40 degrees with similar colours (so not your dark wash, please) and for heaven's sake don't tumble dry or iron them. Life's too short and it will wreck the fabric.

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