Everythingless Ouvert Pantygirdle

By Kiss Me Deadly

£59.00 £74.00

Please note the bralet is not included.

Ouvert ALL the things!* This pantygirdle is very high-waisted, with a double layered diamond central piece, made with a sheer almond colour mesh. The top layer is a sheer black mesh with a diamond pattern and bows woven in. Because I was in that sort of a mood, it has no gusset at all, and indeed no rear. It does have the high waisted back, with black satin straps round the legs, and four suspender straps with metal clips and adjusters. With relatively non-stretch panels, it's definitely shapewear and you should size up if you are on the size border.

* This phrase originates with the excellent Hyperbole and a Half, whom I thoroughly recommend reading. Though she has never in any way endorsed ouverting anything, probably because no-one ever let her loose in the land of lingerie.

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