Bettie Page Black Latex Suspender Belt XS-XL

By Playful Promises


Playful Promises items can take about a week to dispatch - and they're all limited editions that can sell out fast!

This Bettie Page lingerie line is created by Playful Promises; lingerie was clearly a staple of Bettie’s modelling wardrobe, especially in the work she did with fetish photographer Irving Klaw. With a more pin-up and kitsch approach than our own designs, they offer retro fans a different take on the vintage theme - less dangerous, more fun!

The new Bettie Page latex accessories range sets off any retro look with a fun, contemporary edge.

A retro 4-strap garter  - in black latex. Latex is very stretchy so with talc or lubricant you wiggle in and out of this. The clips are wide and metal.

Latex Product Info

Latex accessories will arrive lightly dusted in order to keep their condition, so they will look matt.  To shine latex, wash in lukewarm water, let dry, and then apply latex shiner (silicone spray, lubricant or liquid).

To clean, use warm clean water and water alone.  Wipe off the excess and leave to dry flat away from heat or light. Lightly dust with talc and store in a plastic bag.

Latex is stretchy but can be torn by excessive force or pulls. When wearing a latex garment it will need talc or silicone to move over the skin.

Things to avoid:

Most metals react with latex and produce a stain so avoid contact with piercings or jewelry.

Sunlight, heat and humidity can discolour latex.

Sharp objects can puncture or tear latex

Oil causes latex to degrade so no sensual massages, please!

Don't go near naked flames - it's highly flammable.

So basically, use talc and silicone, keep it in the shade, just use water to clean, don't mix it with oils or jewelry, poke holes in it or set it on fire, and I realise this makes it sound high maintenance but honestly it's not, it's just not the same as satin or velvet so we have to explain.

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