Bespoke Lingerie - Initial Consultation

By Kiss Me Deadly


This is the price for a consultation, NOT for a lingerie set.

Over the last few years, Lou Watson has created a number of custom lingerie outfits, from a Cersei Lannister inspired look for our Kickstarter (shown first), through neon "Tron, but make it showgirl" outfits for stage shows in London or just fancy knickers for those so inclined.

If you would like a unique, one-off lingerie item or outfit just for you, then the first step is to have a conversation with us about what you're looking for.

The reason we do this is partly to check that what you want is doable (for example, we can't copy existing designs, nor can we make you look like Morgana!) and that the budget and timeline match the expectations. Bespoke clothing is very expensive and takes many hours. Also, we will need you to own a measuring tape.

Purchasing means you will be booked in for the first step; a conversation with Lou and Catherine about what you are looking for. You can send us ideas or simply a list of things you like and trust Lou to come up with ideas that meet your aesthetic and preferences. 
Catherine will email you, then we'll set up a video call with Lou in a way that suits you. 

If your ideas are workable (and we don't take every custom project we're asked about, be warned!) then you will get 3 illustrations and quotes. These are valid for 3 months.

Bespoke projects can take anything from 3 months to a year depending on exactly how ridiculously detailed it gets.

A note on prices

Please remember that bespoke lingerie starts in the 3 figures for simpler designs and goes upwards from there. 

The price depends on;

The complexity of the pattern and garment development - if its an amendment to existing patterns that's at the low end, but developing something completely new can easily get into 4 figures.

The fabrics and components - in stock satins, silks and coutils are towards the base price. The more complex and luxury fabrics will push the price up especially as for one-off projects they can't be ordered in bulk.

The time involved - embellishment choices can take hundreds of hours of skilled work by Lou. Hand-stitched appliqué, crystals, feathers, painting, ribbon work, embroidery etc all take skilled time and their beauty is comparably priced.

Cersei inspired outfit photographed by Dollhouse Photography.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard's photos are her own, and you can find more of her work here on YouTube and Instagram.

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