Basbleu Cincher

By Kiss Me Deadly


Unique blue and black wraparound waist cincher based on a vintage swimming corset. Put the black satin part at the back, bring the blue satin sashes to the front, put one under and through the other and ties at the rear!

A while back I found some pictures of a swimming corset, made from fine wool in 1902. This is clearly a terrible, terrible idea, and yet I was fascinated by the overlapping shape at the back. So here is the 2017 reimagining - back to front and strictly no bathing. Actually, it would probably survive, but still. The back is black satin, whilst the front Y panels are blue, tying in a sash at the back, with flexible plastic boning. Shown over the knicker, it would also work over outerwear.

The photo's by Claire Seville are from a series where we worked with our customers who have hidden illnesses. To see more, start here.

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