The Modern Corset Renaissance Catalogue

By Karolina Laskowska


'The Modern Corset Renaissance’ is the latest exhibition offering from innovative digital archive The Underpinnings Museum. A celebration and exploration of the contemporary corset revolution, the exhibition shares the work of both modern corsetieres and the historical objects that left an indelible mark on design today.

The exhibition charts the best of modern corsetry and its historical influences, including a corset from Guinness’ World Record Holder of the smallest waist on a living person Cathy Jung, and a couture creation that took over 1700 hours of hand stitching.

The catalogue is A5, with a bound spine on 130gsm silk finish paper and over 70 pages long, with beautiful detailed technical photography from Tigz Rice and information about 15 different modern corset makers.  Introduced by Lorraine Smith ("the Bra Master"), it also has an extended essay by Marianne Faulkner of Pop Antique/The Daily Waist, and is curated by Karolina Laskowska.  View the exhibition at

Sent in a card-backed envelope to ensure its safe arrival.



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