Rose Noir Latex Nouveau Briefs

By Rose Noir Designs


Rose Noir Designs worked exclusively with us to create this collection of latex fabulousness. If you're not familiar with latex then you will need to read this blog before ordering! 

If you're a latex fan then you'll know that making latex garment is a slow, zen-like process of carefully and precisely bonding seams together using glues and solvents, which is practically an art form in itself.  As each garment is hand-made anyway, Rose and I have agreed to do these garments made-to-measure, so please expect to need a tape measure, fill in a form, and give us about 8 weeks to finish your item.

It pains me to admit it but apparently some people like smaller knickers, so we included one pair of classic bikini cut briefs, but with hand painted Art Nouveau motifs in gold across the front. With a transparent grey front, choose a black or plum rear.

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