Rose Noir Latex Nouveau Bra

By Rose Noir Designs


Rose Noir Designs worked exclusively with us to create this collection of latex fabulousness. 

  • Bespoke underwired latex bra
  • 3-part cut-and-glued (the latex version of sewing) cup
  • Bottom part opaque, top transparent
  • Handpainted Art Nouveau motifs
  • Opaque latex cradle and wings
  • Metal hardware (not shown as we didn't have it for sampling, sorry)
  • Hooks and eyes at the back
  • Shown in plum/transparent grey/gold and black/transparent grey/silver
  • Latex is always available in black, plum and pink, and may be available in other colours on request
  • Please check for available sizes; we've developed this across a wide range but it uses a wire that does have some limits, as shown in the final image
  • Wear it with matching items or lingerie or anything at all! Just don't get too much metal near it
  • Worried about what latex is like to wear and wash? I've done a video here, or Lydia wrote an excellent blog for you

If you're a latex fan then you'll know that making latex garment is a slow, zen-like process of carefully and precisely bonding seams together using glues and solvents, which is practically an art form in itself.  As each garment is hand-made anyway, Rose and I have agreed to do these garments made-to-measure, so please expect to need a tape measure, fill in a form, and give us about 8 weeks to finish your item.


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