What did you vote for?

  • By Catherine Clavering

What did you vote for?

A while back we asked you what you wanted us to make in the next 6 months, and woah, lots of you had opinions! We collected them all – more than 20,000 votes from over 8000 people - through a nifty hot or not type software and then used them to figure out what to organise making. That’s because factory space, fabrics and money are all limited, so if, for example, millions of your prefer spotty girdles to stripy ones, we’d prefer to have made more of them. Plus if we use up all the fabric on a style that makes our fabric supplier and the factory happy, since bigger orders are better!

Now, many of these styles are in stock or on their way or forming small piles in the factory, so here’s a breakdown. You can see all the results data here and fight about what it means if you like.

Virgin Deadlies.

The Virgin Lace set

I put this set, made from lace that has the word virgin woven through it, into the facebook files but then sneakily didn’t add it to the voting site. Why not? Well, firstly, I’d already bought the lace so we were definitely going to make some of it! Secondly, we only had this shot of it, whereas everything else was a cut out on a white background, and that seemed like a pretty major variable to change that would affect voting.

In the event I am slightly regretful that we hadn’t got matching shots of it done, as we made it available to buy last week and it’s shot to the top seller of the month already, even though only 4 retailers bought small amounts. Happily, we should be able to squeeze more into production later on in the year, and add a few styles to the range – the suspender belt is less popular than the bra and knicker.

Most hated product:

The Garden Pantygirdle

garde pantygirdle

Yep, you consistently voted this the lowest product of all of them. I wasn’t entirely suprised – I was pretty ambivalent about it as the print is a bit 60′s for us. But it’s still on the production schedule. Why?

1) 13-28% of you still loved it. And since we can make a tiddly quantity (12 per size), we’d like to make that 13-28% happy.

2) retailers ordered it! In fact, they ordered this more than the Virgin Lace set, which just shows you that our retailers and their customers are more cheerful than our direct fanbase. Probably. There are less flattering interpretations of this data . . .

3) The press loved it. It got rave receptions at Paris and our press events. Sometimes, a piece is worth doing even if not many people will buy it, because the publicity it causes brings more people onto the site and then you know, maybe buy something black instead. In fact, the release of any novel product at all usually has a galvanic effect on sales overall, which is partly why we’re forever teasing you with them.

4) Because the print is recognisably one that a major brand used this time last year, it’s also a great way to talk about our use of upcycled fabrics and manufacturing issues in the UK (on which more another time).

As it happens we also got this stunning shot of it on Jess. That always helps!



Pink. Very, very pink.

Pink (and, I suspect, leopard print) is a marmite colour for deadlies, it’s love it or loathe it. Yes, we’re passionate about pink, especially this very bright pink. In the end the pink fans won out and the pink longline is one of two things we made the most of. Sorry, pink haters. Better luck next year.

Bigger is better

Our sales data for some time now has been showing a distinct trend towards maximal lingerie – corselettes outdo longline girdles outdo deep suspender belts outdo narrow suspender belts, extremely broadly speaking, and the bigger the pant the better! So I wasn’t entirely surprised when pink longlines won out over pink narrow belts and spangly deep belts won out over pink narrow belts . . . . though the bigness of the floral pantygirdle did not win the day, so clearly, you have limits.



Pinstripe wins the day

Stockists and voters agreed – pinstripe is the way forward! And indeed thus far it has sold the best, with the Pink longline, Art and Paradise following.

But the Paradise wins the press . . . .


OK, so I pulled a fast one here – though I hinted pretty heavily on our facebook and I’m sure regular readers knew what we were up to. We initially photographed and sold the Paradise girdle as a black outline print on a cream background, then Joe spent a day painting it (“terrifying”, he said) and we shot it again. It was a crazy idea that really appealed to me, it’s not at all commercial and we didn’t expect it to add a huge value as I’m sure most of you don’t have the time, or in my case the dexterity, to paint yours. But isn’t it a fun idea? The lingerie press certainly thought so – I’ve lost track of who we’ve had mentions from but at the last count it was pretty much all the major trade and consumer lingerie blogs. Thank you to all of them for enjoying my 3am impulses and a big thank you to Joe!

Don’t forget if you do paint yours, send us a picture to be in with a chance of KMD goodies!

In a few months I promise to tell you how many we ordered, how many we got (sometimes the factory doesn’t make what we request) , and even how many sold! I can also tell you that we plan to let you vote on pretty much everything for 2014, and that the voting software itself is being developed for use by any brand who wants it, including all sorts of nifty extra features. Karolina Laskowska is using it at the moment to work out which of her current black strappy things to drop from her line.

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