The Paris trade show: a dozen random things we learnt whilst there!

  • By Catherine Clavering

The Paris trade show: a dozen random things we learnt whilst there!

Trade shows! Both way more boring than people imagine and yet way more surreal!

We have no explanation.

These shows are for people working in the industry; for brands, they are a chance to show buyers and trade press our styles for the next 12 months or so, talk through any issues in person, and also meet suppliers, sales agents, and colleagues. So, basically, mostly a thriving hub of gossip dressed up as commerce.

Oh, and some showing off. This is a one off piece from Jolidon.

Our year kicks off with a trip to Paris, which could be a lovely if we didn’t spend the whole of it doing very long days in full makeup and high heels an sharing two small rooms between 4 of us. This year is was made much prettier by the snow, but it also meant it was fairly low on visitors as it interfered with travel plans, so we spent more time than usual running about looking at things. We also did some videos but that will have to wait!

Anyway, here are some random things Danielle, Jessica and myself learnt at the show:

Major labels don’t seem to know how to put a busk in properly

Elastane content is REALLY important – and getting expensive; rubber is increasing in price.

Turns out some of our garments are made using fabric made in Britain! I’m really shocked about this. I didn’t even know anyone was making fabric in the UK anymore.

We have no idea how much paper is wasted on documents no-one seems to get any use out of, but its LOTS. Presumambly to justify the existence of a marketing department. I don’t know what they had been taking but it was a very peculiar show:

Holy Batpants!

It is impossible to put any of the Elle garments on and not make swooshy movements. We added a knicker, but you’ll have to wait for the video for that.

Whoosh! Elle robe in red silk (March), with Sirena pantygirdle and bra and our red stockings.


White carpet is a very poor choice, especially in slush.

You can get very bored of baguettes.

My french is not good enough to argue about disability access issues.

The French fashion journalist we spoke to didn’t believe that women in London go clubbing in KMD outfits. Please send pictures now!

Jessica loves corsets too much. Seriously. The rest of us chose lunch over corsets. I’m a bit concerned about her since she’s doing the Moda show without me around to tell her off!

We did manage to coax her out to do a stockings demo though.

Nobody has a good experience in Parisian hotels, or at least not ones near the exhibition centre! Ours came without a working toilet.

Do not wear sloggi seam free laser cut microfibre shorties over your vargas roll on girdle as they slide down and end up round your knees. Still, it’s not the first time I’ve taken off my knickers in the street behind the exhibition centre and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

A sneaky peek of our new demi corset.

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