Posting to the USA

  • By Catherine Clavering

Posting to the USA

If you are in the USA then as of next week our postage provider and charges will change.

We have posted from the UK to the USA via their respective national services (Royal Mail and USPS) for years. Like all delivery services, both have struggled with distancing and other issues during the pandemic. However, recently it's become obvious that the issues with USPS are worsening - and that this is causing a huge amount of frustration and disappointment. 

After discussion with the warehouse, I have agreed that any order to the USA placed after 12 pm BST on the 25th August will go by UPS or DPD, whichever is the most appropriate at the time. As usual you will get tracking information.

The problem with this is that because the USA is a big country with some amazing, but crucially, expensive terrain, this will mean that I have to put the price of delivery up. KMD doesn't deliver enough parcels to access the bulk buy deals bigger brands get, even going in with the warehouse's accounts. Pretty much every small UK lingerie brand I spoke to this week has the same dilemma.

As of Tuesday evening (UK time) the new flat-rate delivery charge will be £22.

As before, if your order is for more than £100, then delivery is free. So if you live near another KMD fan then you might want to get to know each other a bit better!

I will be reviewing this regularly and I would hope that we can return to USPS in the future.

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