Manufacturing update: the Vargas and Van Doren

  • By Catherine Clavering

Manufacturing update: the Vargas and Van Doren

Manufacturing update: the Vargas and Van Doren

As many of you have noticed, we haven't had a Vargas or Van Doren delivery since Autumn 2014, and then most of it went to retailers.  It's been frustrating, I know. It's hard to explain why this has happened, partly because in all honesty I am still very unclear as to what was going on with the UK factory that makes these styles for us.  It seems like they made a few people redundant in Summer 14, subsequently losing production capacity, which caused problems when we returned to them in Autumn with quite large orders. I moved the silk Cherie away from the factory to help, but that still left them unable to fulfill the orders placed for pre-Christmas 2014 delivery. Sadly, this wasn't clear at the time.

The subsequent row/fight/cashflow tangle has taken months to sort out, culminating in a) a full and frank set of emails threatening legal action on both sides (ridiculous for various practical reasons) and b) the discovery that the factory thought I was making the styles we used them for elsewhere! Happily for them I wasn't, so now we've sorted things out and the goods are starting to flow again, as it turned out they had been sitting on KMD stock as well as holding some of our fabric hostage. Phew!


But, there are some changes that affect you.


1) We'll be getting stock in throughout this month of Vargas and Van Doren styles at the same price as usual.


2) After this month there will be a 10% price hike. That's because the cost of elastics, fabrics, suspender clips and well, everything, has been going up. Yeah, it sucks. But both the factory and us have been swallowing price hikes from suppliers for the last 3 years or so and the accountants aren't happy.

3) The factory were refusing to make any new styles until the fight was sorted out but are now happy - so, the first new thing we'll make will be the much delayed Virgin Ouvert Pantygirdle. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting on this!



4) After that we'll start on other suspenders and girdles that have been held up, like the photographed-but-never-made Miss Mandalay items, Champagne pantygirdles,  and so on - and the styles I have fabric for but no sample, like a Jacquotte suspender belt!


5) That means there will be a gap between this batch of Vargas and Van Doren stock and the next while we catch up on overdue limited editions. So if you've been waiting on it, GET IT NOW. Because there will be a wait for the next lot AND you will pay slightly more!

6)And lastly - they are delivering two limited editions this month - the pinstripe girdle and leopard suspender belts. These are the last ones in these fabrics!


Check out the shop now for the new stock!

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