Kitten Club News

  • By Catherine Clavering

Kitten Club News

We saw the Kitten Club perform at the London Burlesque festival recently, amazingly managing to condense their full show into a rather fabulous short performance.

As well as performing as a group regularly at Volupte, they also perform individually.
Vixen DeVille let us know that she is at the Cabaret Macabre show,
Twisted Love:

“A deliciously dark and chilling cabaret hosted by the London Magician,
with Vixen DeVille , Mister Meredith and Dave the were-bear.

After centuries of waiting, the stars are in alignment…the spirits are with
us. The Family are gathering to share their gothic stories, barbed
songs, downright scary magic and of course, the were-bear doing…well,
doing what were-bears do best.”

April 22nd – 7:30pm
The Old Queens Head
44 Essex Road
N1 8LN

Tickets £7 on the door

Vicious Delicious sent us a new picture of her Van Mimi outfit:


And you can see her performing here:

Invisible strip – Burlesque-esque @The New Players Theatre

Her impressive CV and her myspace site are here.

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