Easter Egg Hunt Time Again!

  • By Catherine Clavering

Easter Egg Hunt Time Again!

We don't do chocolate for Easter, we do pants! This year we've got the egg hunt AND  some extras goodies in stock from the brand our factory makes for themselves, which means lace powernet, ouvert pantygirdles and more suspender straps than anyone can possibly need.

Regular readers know the drill:

There are several offers, which include discounts on specific products and a site-wide discount, plus a chance to win £250. They are scattered randomly across the site, mostly hidden in product descriptions, but it’s worth looking back at the about pages as well.

There's a miling list offer  - if you’ve already subscribed, either use another of your email addresses, or negotiate with a friend for an extra chance to win. Good luck! And have a great break!


P.s. – we had to shrink them for the site, look for a tiddly version.

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