Candice DeVille

  • By Catherine Clavering

Candice DeVille

It struck me recently that I can’t remember ever introducing you properly to Candice. She’s based down in Australia, and is busy bring her pin-up version of KMD to everyone on that side of the globe. I think we can all agree that its a perkier, more cheerful take than we usually go for, but it proves very popular in lots of places and anyway, even serious fashion people have to smile sometimes.


In her own words

“Candice DeVille is Australia’s premier Vintage Pinup Model, specialist vintage stylist and author of the world renowned fashion blog Super Kawaii Mama.

Making regular appearances at nostalgia festivals all over Australia, Candice has become the country’s most sought after vintage model and fashion commentator. With her iconic blonde curl, trademark smile and classic Old Hollywood look, Candice is known as Australia’s very own “Ambassador for Glamour”!”

The woman matches her shoes to her knickers, so I was always going to like her!

If you keen an eye on her blog, she’s about to write about suspender belts, which I believe is a topic close to many of our hearts . . . or other places of anatomical significance, anyway.

All photos by Helen Mclean photography in Melbourne

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