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The Kitten Club

Kiss Me Deadly are proud to sponsor The Kitten Club and their Burlesque Cabaret shows. You can regularly see them perform in our lingerie and Cervin seamed stockings at a number of West End and Central London venues, including the New Players Theatre and the Volupte Lounge.

The Kitten Club are an amazing troupe of four women, headed by the formidable Delores Deluxe, each with their own acting and performance background and skills. We love them because they have more in common with original British Burlesque; satire, skit and parody, with cultural references to everything from mental health to the monetary system.

Join The Kitten Club Burlesque Cabaret for a glamorous night of song, dance, satire, comedy, magic and more (or less as the case may be – miaow!). Visit their website for future performances!