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How Do You Wear Yours?

Those of you that read the diary will know that we feature quite a few pictures of our items that aren’t from conventional shoots or shows. Some are performers, some are our retailers, some are just fans, some are competition winners who decided to take their winnings to a photography session – and occasionally they are just pictures of evening events! Because lingerie is for life, not just for models.

So, seriously, how do you wear yours? Because everyone has their own style, and we’d like to see what’s out there! Feel free to upload your best picture, and tell us who helped. If it’s a good-quality picture, it’ll go on this page; if it’s the best of the month it’ll go on the diary, and we’ll send you a gift! Please do also let us know who was involved in the pictures – if your photographer, stylist, make-up artist or anyone else who helped you can be named or has a website, please tell us.


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We review all pictures before publishing, so you may have to wait a while for them to show up.