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September 2014

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BT; now officially rated as "Dinosaurs" by us.

Posted 09/09/2014 at 16:31 Comments

As you know, many problems can befall business, and usually it's the ones between having and idea and shipping your products that vex me and create most of my workload. Thus far that's included volcanos and global financial meltdown, but not dinosaurs, but we live in  . . . anticipation.

At the moment though, its answering your emails, processing your returns, and getting your parcels out that worries us.  It's the internet. We don't have any. In the UK the infrastructure the net is delivered to us in, like jam in tubes, is run by BT (formerly the state owned British Telecoms), though the people who organise it for us are Plusnet.

We are pretty certain that BT have broken a cable or something that runs to us. unfortunately BT  have so far cancelled one appointment and then had two that seem to have disagreed with each other. In the meantime we're trying to run an internet business from two hotspots generated by mobile phones, a USB stick, and whatever else we can get our hands on - Pimoroni just offered us a spare dongle. Now that's REAL business support ;)

Anyway, on the upside, free post for everyone while we get it fixed! Just . . . bear with us when your tracking info doesn't get updated the same day and so on please?