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October 2014

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The illustrated guide to stock for pre-C word planners!

Posted 21/10/2014 at 11:29 Comments

I'm banned from mentioning the seasonal event beginning with C until after Halloween, but we've been planning since last January, because that's how long it takes when you make stuff! You can find delivery deadlines and our extended returns policy here.

There are two main reasons for this update:

1) Some of you are quite organised and focussed types and keep asking about things. I believe that there is a cadre of you that actually do "budgeting", which is slightly terrifying for the rest us who mostly muddle along making a mess. At least one of you has informed me that you have already sorted out everything for December, which was and appropriately hair raising expereince for Halloween!

2) We are bootstrapping; that means the money made from one set of stock goes to buy in the next. So, if, say, you love the Tempest, which came in in August, but don't buy it until December, that can cause us issues paying the bill for the styles in the in between months, not to mention we also run into space issues. We have over 6000 pieces of lingerie due in the offices between now and the end of the year, and even if they go straight out again, we still need the space to do that.

So if you love us, buy early, buy often, and I promise you get the best choices of sizes and gifts that way :)

So here is the stock and the plan as of today:

Ayten Gasson collaboration/pop-up:


Teeny tiny amounts left of these stretch silk styles.  We made less than 20 of each size so they are pretty special!

You seemed to like them so Ayten is making up some special knickers and things for us as well as letting us have some of her ruffle knickers and pure silk slips. I LOVE these slips. But we only have 6 of each at most!




The lingerie skirt and top shown with the corsets keep selling out, but we can get them back in again relatively easily. This is likely to be less true the closer December gets though as factories get really busy.

We only make our corsets in batches of 50 or less; the Blue DeVille is sold out. Because corsets cost more, they tend to sell slower than other things so we don't make hundreds. The Ariadne only has a couple left, but the silk Ariadne is in stock in some sizes at the pop-up store on Commercial Street, and there are one or two - so teeny-tiny amounts left in all the sizes apart from 30 on the site.

The demi-corsets are largely sold through in blue (2 mediums left), and with 1 or more left in all sizes in the wine or vanilla. Teeny Tiny amounts.

The day corsets are in - all black or the silk version, and removable elastic bits are on their way - and we have teeny tiny amounts in all sizes.

The Emerald DeVille, we have an issue with the factory, so my job this week is to get on top of that and sort it out. Depending on the solution we might not hold stock, instead just making the ones on order. I absolutely will get the ones ordered made, possibly individually if we have to!


The Blue Tempest

Good stock levels - but bras are always tricky so watch out!


Cupless Vargas

I hate to say this but we have sold more L and XL than I expected, and this is especially so in the red. Mostly OK stock levels.


Blue Divine Corselette and Knicker

Selling out on some bra sizes  in the corselette (38DD, check with retailers for these) - and others are running low (36C, 36DD, 38C). The knickers are fine.


Emerald DeVille

Beginning to sell out - especially XL knickers, 36 and 38DD bras for some reason!


Violet Divine


The knickers have sold out - the oddments are on ebay with the Bras That Were Wrong.  The bras are starting to sell out in some sizes (watch out 34B, 36C, 38DD), and the girdle is running low in the larger sizes.


Peachy Keen

Of the Peachy Keen items, the Ida bralet, suspender and knicker are mostly gone and there won't be anymore.

We've moved the babydoll and chemise to a new factory so they'll be done the first week of November; the amounts are very limited so we expect them to sell out and to have people complaining they missed them when we get to February. No, really, this happens every year! The girdles that were part of the same range are sold out - the handful left went on ebay last week. With a bit of luck, we should produce a surprise for you alongside the peach and apricot slips, as we also had a bit of purple stretch silk and leopard stretch silk we haven't used!


Swimwear (it's raining sideways here today, I hope you're somewhere sunnier than us or planning a poolside holiday!)

The red lace print swimsuit is starting to run low in the larger sizes. The swimdress and the lace print bikini are both selling out now. The Cabaret and Teal have good stock in all sizes.



The Black elle robe and purple elle knicker have sold out - we have a tiny amount of the black knicker and purple robes left - and we will NOT be doing anymore! We will be voting on which new swooshy robes to make though, but that will be in the New Year. So if you want these, this is your last chance.

Bits and Bobs

The pinstripe girdle is running out and the Sirena briefs are running out in the L and XL sizes.


Pink Alouette

Well on its way to selling out, with less than 50 sets available, all the XL gone and several bra sizes.


KMD stockings

We won't be making stockings before January at the earliest. We expect the electric blue in sheer and opaque to sell out soon because of matching the Jacquotte. It also looks like the XL sizes in everything sell out fastest (we order less) and the black opaques are pretty much out!




In production between now and Christmas, all being well:


Currently stuck in quality control due to an underwire issue, this is the next style to arrive. No retailers will have it - so it's only available from us right now! There are around 450 sets available.


Virgin Lace

We currently have some stock of the bralet, suspender and knicker. Both us and several retailers will be getting a top-up of those, and we'll be adding the Ouvert Pantygirdle, just under 50 sets. We'll make the matching stockings next year - we had to do a carefully sized, FF-style pattern for them and we need to check the seams work and how to package them before releasing them into the wild.


Peacock Sirena set

Due in late November, there will be around 500 sets, sizes 32-36B-DD and S-XL.


Leopard Van Doren

Mightily delayed by the lack of fabric, we now have this in our mitts, and are making some for retailers, plus a very small amount for us. There will be less than 100 sets in total.


Voltini Girdles

We also have the fabric for these; some retailers will have them, and there will be less than 100 of each colourway.


Now. Regretfully, unless there's some sort of pantsplosion of sales in the next few weeks, that leaves us with these styles to make next year:

Miss Mandalay collaboration (samples, photographed, fabrics ready and patterns)

Fan Laced Girdle (sampled, photographed, patterns ready, but components and fabrics not ready)

All black and all ivory slips and teddys (sampled, photographed, patterns ready, fabrics reasonably easy to acquire)

Renoir Van Doren Set (not sampled yet but we have the fabric and pattern)

Jaquotte, Sirena and Tempest suspender belts (not sampled yet but we have the fabrics and patterns)

Champagne pantygirdle (sampled, photographed, fabrics and patterns ready)

Ivory Tempest Corset (samples, photographers, fabrics half ready, base pattern ready, factory is an issue)

Peacock, tempest, and red stockings (can't be sampled but same as last year)

And the overwire set is still stuck at "who will make these accursed wires?!" stage.


Of course I should update you on the black and ivory Vargas and Van Doren.

We are making these - two drops before the end of November with some luck and no flu - but almost all of that stock will go out to retailers. For some reason, that's what stockists are buying at the moment, so if you want a basic suspender you can usually get it in your country, but not if you want a fabulous and exclusive limited edition printed girdle. I know, it baffles me, too. As and when it changes I'll let you know.

Anyway, as that stock arrives and ships out, I'll let you know, and if we have any left (this happens if a store doesn't pay their invoice!) then Rachel will make sure it goes on the site.

Happy planning, organised deadlies! What are you aiming to have in your drawers by the end of the year?


Who is our Lady Of The Lake?

Posted 14/10/2014 at 11:20 Comments

This season all our images are based on gender swapped British Myths, so we asked for your take on The Lady Of The Lake - a woman who features in the Arthurian legends, primarily as the keeper of King Arthurs magical sword Excalibur.

We had a wild array of entries including the extremely sophisticated and lateral, and dicovered that as we suspected, many of you have access to a sword.

This one from Miss V is a Noir take - as Lady Of The Lake was also a Nir book, so she became her own 50's book cover! She wore the Emerald DeVille.

Kait had her boyfriend help out so she could get this deliciously floaty shot in the pool, and added some ethereal fire in photoshop. She sensibly wore a Cabaret Bikini (don't put your lingerie in chlorinated water! Use swimwear!).

Regular viewers might recognise some of these people - Poppy was on stage with us, and that's her Beth basque.
Sarah is wearing the Tropical Kitten Bikini.

And Anthony is wearing the Divine set we customised  for Poppy, plus opaque stockings in fuchisa, which apparentlt really do stand up to this kind of treatment!

Amaryllis went modern, and reminded me of Tank Girl, with her Excalibur Missile prop. I suspect it's papier mache and I don't know if her children helped her make it!  She wore her Vargas Dress.

I haven't seen Lucy before but I enjoyed her combination of sword, kimono and the Lydia.

Amanda did some clever shooting here to rise out of a very real fire.

And Vikki went to play in the water - with random passers by, apparently - a scant 8 weeks after giving birth.  She's wearing her Lace Print Bikini.

I loved the complicated shots and the group shots and so on, but I found myself going back to this one.  Something about the sunlight and Vikki's pose, though for once I'm not  sure I could quite articulate why.

This means that Vikki has a £250 voucher, while Amanda, Lucy and Anthony (really, how could I not reward uncompromising masculinity in a bra!) have £50 vouchers each. 

What shall we do for the competition? Do you all have either a man or a cat you can get a photo of?

Easy Peasy Competition! Want to win a KMD voucher?

Posted 14/10/2014 at 11:03 Comments

Usually we like to engage your creativity, but it's new season, new styles, so we'd like some new Deadlies. We thought we'd get you to help us embrace them by basically bribing you to tell EVERYONE about us!

You must know some awesome people, right? Cos you're all great so I reckon you must be knocking about with some fun types.

So, it's pretty simple. There are 5 £100 vouchers up for grabs, and, due to me being an idiot and Typing-Whilst-Tired, ONE £500 voucher.

To be in with a chance to win, you need to share one of these pictures publicly. Or more! Maybe a few times! #kissmedeadlywinner! And of course if you tag us on facebook we'll see it.

Kiss Me Deadly Facebook
Kiss Me Deadly Instagram
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Kiss Me Deadly Pinterest

Er . . . and that's it basically. Told you it was easy.

You have until November - I'll pick winners on the 1st November

Ghouls and Garters; come and play in the pop-up!

Posted 14/10/2014 at 10:36 Comments

You may have noticed that Halloween is around the corner. Normally I'm a bit rubbish about doing anything for it, but this year, we have a pop-up! With enough space to fit more than 3 people in!

Karolina Laskowksa is also in the same pop-up - we have a rail each, which I try and cram as much stock as possible onto - and we would both like to invite you to the store on the 30th October to play dress-up. The pictures show her styles, though the corset is Puimond.

We're always keen to show our styles on the biggest variety of people possible, but we're restrained by two things; budgets, and people feeling shy or having jobs incompatible with posting picture of yourself in your knickers on the net. But we realised last week - Halloween involves MASKS!  If you can't be ID'd then dressing up and pictures is way more fun, right?

So, come to the shop - The Catwalk Edit, 132 Commerial Street  (in between a cheese specialist and a health food store. No, really. But also a few shops further down there's All Saints and Urban Outfitters). Turn up between 4pm and 10pm on the Thursday 30th October.

We will have masks, props, accessories, snacks, and as much stock as we can fit on a rail.  And of course discounts, sales items and free gifts.

Play dress up; I might make sure there's a drink limit on sword usage, mind.

We'll be taking pictures, but we promise NOT to use them unless you're ok with them. Mostly we just want you to have fun!

Bonus points if you manage to make people laugh or spook them out!



Who is the customisation Queen of them all?

Posted 02/10/2014 at 15:00 Comments

OK, first off I have to say sorry - I've been sidetracked by work crises and personal health drama and I have NOT been paying enough attention to the competitions, which is deeply unfair of me given the frankly astonishing amount of energy time and enthusiasm you all put in. You put me to shame, deadlies.

Secondly - I completely underestimated the complexity of what people would do! Wow!

This also made it really hard to choose.

In the end, I took the teams input and we agreed that Lyz wins - we just loved the totally unexpected elytras and the sheer amount of them she  put on, plus her styling, setting and all the rest.

But you know, even if you don't have a dramatic castle handy, you can make one hell of an impact at home. So naturally the first runner up has to be Poppy - seriously how was I ever going to resist LIGHTS!

I also cannot resist comic-style "POW!" signs. I believe that Amaryllis has gotten all too good an insight into my mind.

Desiree, on the otherhand, is new to me, and yet she managed to create not only a ton of tiny details that won't show up well here, but also this fabulous collar - from scratch!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in, has been reading along or is busy testing out their own craft skills - I can't imagine this is the last we'll be seeing of this!