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August 2015

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Tea and Biscuits: the Cherie edition

Posted 26/08/2015 at 11:16 Comments

Lydia has decreed that I should talk more about things on film, and thus it comes to pass that she has organised "Tea and biscuits", in which I tell the stories of whatever garment or project we've been working on!

In the first one - would you ever have guessed that the Cherie slips would have taken 3 different manufacturers and a visit from my entire family to complete?!



Underwear as outerwear: competition winners!

Posted 26/08/2015 at 10:12 Comments

Well, it was a pretty tough decision but we've finally settled on our grand winner, plus three runners-up, from last month's 'underwear as outerwear' compeition. There were lots of strong entries, but Pamela's elegant Ladies Day look won us over with the matching accessories and charming attention to detail - getting the gloves, hat, necklace and even umbrella in the same cobalt blue as the Ariadne Waspie shows dedication! It looked great with the lovely autumnal tones of the dress and bolero combo Pamela paired it with. 

Our runners up were:

Karen from Canada - we loved this concept and the ingenuity of adapting the same garment for two looks. Bonus points for actually going outside in your under/outerwear too! Karen's wearing the Violet Divine Bra as a top.

Above left: Amanda customised the Violet Divine Bra for a larger bust, and matched it with the with the Lingerie Skirt. We loved that Amanda took her picture in a courthouse - take that, The Establishment!

Above right: Cat sent in this picture of a fabulous look with the Blue Tempest Bra, Blue DeVille skirt, corset and black slip finihsed off with a UK university black gown draped playfully over the shoulders. If you wore that to graduation day you'd probably give your professors a heart attack.


And here's another shot of our winner Pamela celebrating with a nice glass of bubbly. Cheers Pamela!

Shape it Off

Posted 07/08/2015 at 17:06 Comments

Though most of my stuff comes from sample sales, vintage repro shops and rummaging around in thrift stores, I'm not above a bit of high street shopping, especially when there's a bargain to be had - and while it's a very occasional experience, you do sometimes strike gold, especially in end-of-season clearances. A trip to H&M recently yielded this little red wiggle number reduced to £10 - ok, so it was a little on the small size, but as it was the last one I thought 'to hell with it' and sized down. 

As I was giving it the once over in the changing room (of course I tried it on first - a tenner's a tenner!) I realised it was crying out for some shapewear underneath to really give it that Mad Men vibe. So I thought, what better way to demonstrate the difference in shapewear styles than trying a 'compare and contrast' with a few different KMD pieces? These were taken on my phone, so the quality's not great, but you get the picture. I'm usually roughly a size 12 - all of these garments are medium, on the smallest hook and eye setting. Which one do you think works best?

First up: The Peacock Sirena Waspie. This was great for nipping in my waistline without too much hassle and I definitely found it the most comfortable and easy to get in and out of. It's quite easy to disguise under the dress too.

Next: The Blue Tempest Cincher. This is the one if you want to make the conversation about your HIPS. Absolutely great for adding curves! I felt like a real bombshell in this. I previously thought the only way to accentuate one's figure like this was with a corset.

Next up: The Jacquotte Longline Girdle. This piece was great for all-in-one shaping and made me feel lightly pulled in and neatly smoothed over, from tummy to waist to hips. Not as dramatic as the Tempest but a great confidence-booster.

Finally the Cupless Vargas dress. With the double layer of powermesh across the tum, this is the one for flattening the belly - I wish I'd taken some side shots, but honestly the before-and-after with my flabby stomach hanging out, and then neatly tucked away into this figure-smoothing piece was so satisfying. Nice to have a bit of bum lift too.

Hope some of you find this helpful in your quest for the perfect curve!

Lydia x