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April 2015

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Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition

Posted 21/04/2015 at 06:46 Comments

Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition

My sister popped round last week and spied a pile of goodies I'd, er, "borrowed" from the stock before we moved, and we ended up taking some quick shots of lingerie I consider perfectly acceptable as outerwear. Admittedly, it's possible that my occupation has warped my sense of what's appropriate ;)

I love slips and camisoles. In the winter I wear them as an extra layer to keep warm and comfortable - though I can't always run to the luxury of Aytens flat seamed (and hence super smooth inside and out) silk garments, I'm also a big fan of Rosy's more affordably priced versions. Obviously blue is always my favourite:

The red is more redolent of lingerie with its lace trim and semi sheer panels, so definitely needs a bra underneath. I put a Whistle and Wolf top with it, but I have to confess that my Philmore Clague pencil skirt and my high waisted black skirts get much more wear. If you follow our events you've probably seen me in any number of bikini tops and bras with a super high waisted skirt.

This is the super plungey slip in microfibre over the Van Doren bralet and under a cashmere wrap dress. Strangely, I think it's more boobalicious than the more obvious red slip!

I'd also snagged a Karolina Laskowska harness for nights out . . . which also made me realise I'd described these entirely wrong, they are definitely IVORY, not white! I have a couple of this style as I like the mix of the strappy style with the great big and frankly girly bows. I have this super plungey top that I wear to show off bras usually.

I think I prefer it over a loose top though. Even if I do have to put my hair up to get the best effect from a harness!

Last but not least,  Karolina custom made me a bra a while back, and I haven't shown it off yet! It's made from kimono silk with silver and gold thread in it, which means in person it's very, very shiny and exciting! I'll try and get some vide of it at some point.

After that, I realised what our next competition should be - Deadly Style!

To be in with a chance to win a £400 Kiss Me Deadly voucher to spend on whatever you want on our site, or 3 runners up prizes of a £50 KMD voucher, it's very simple.

Make an outfit that includes some Kiss Me Deadly and is (arguably) suitable as outerwear, even if its only nightclubs.

Take a picture! There are some tips here.

Email it to or upload it to our site and let me know you're OK for us to post it on our facebook, tumblr and so on.

The deadline is the 30th June - ready, steady, get snapping!


Eggstrodinary and loving Deadly Winners

Posted 14/04/2015 at 16:15 Comments

Photo Competition Winners

In between moving hundreds of boxes around and trying to cancel the phoneslines and stuff, I've been totally amazed by deadlies photos! The eggs were especially unexpected, you all turn out to be very creative.

Here are the winners.

Lindy made tiny paper versions of our lingerie and props for her eggs and there's something so charming about them (or possibly I've been watching Archer to much and expect a black line round the edge of everything) that I couldn't resist.

At some point during the last few months, I've realised that I have some entire deadly families knocking around. Matilda and Malin have both sent us picture and eggs - and Matilda somehow got her father into our Tropical Bikini! For this sterling work she got the first runner up voucher.

I am biased towards cats and Alices suave Valentines cat complete with romance kit and Cherie Silk teddy was therefore the second runner up.

Mostly I try not to let Amaryllis win everything (she already has more knickers than it's possible to wear in a year, I think), but the chickens in various Alouette bras were just too good a joke I'm assuming you'll all be using them anytime women are called birds or you're asked for pictures of breasts?

Last but very far from least, Deadpool was such a hit he just had to be the winner! Though I think Clare, his stylist and photographer, will be the one using the voucher for the most part.


Eggstravangaaanza! The Deadly Easter Egg Competition

Posted 08/04/2015 at 12:24 Comments

Wow! Turns out deadlies are quite the crafters, I thought it would be a bit of fun to see if any of you still decorated eggs - and by the end of the holiday my inbox was positively filled with eggy, creative delight! And bad puns, which are also something I very much enjoy. So, what do you think? A whole new way of sampling for us? :)  What styles can you spot and which is your favourite?


Complete with props . . . and sushi.

Never look a gift egg in the mouth.

Tiny hat!

Lindsey tells me her boyfriend became so intruiged by her egg (the pantogram) that he left his video game to come and craft this purple haired naughty egg!

Stage, egg and backdrop.

Should we do a purple DeVille?

Swimsuits and girdles; its true that eggs aren't the shape these were designed for :)

PPerfectly detailed, right up to a beauty spot.

One person found a way round the shape issue :)

Another ended up with a babushka-shaped corset model.

Is this crepe paper and sequins?


Did anyone else have these traditional wooden decorated eggs?


Foam craft pasties?

Snakeskin and swavoskis.

I think the third one along might be a tea-dyed egg?

Beskirted and bespangled!


Eggward Scissorhands!





This one even seens to have teeny tiny stitches in its outfit?

A bright pink DeVille?

An emerald babydoll.


This would be how neatly Joe would wrap an egg in ribbon.

And finally, a traditionally dyed egg  - less traditionally decorated with the Sirena bra and knickers!

A small family of eggs.

I I think two of these are KMD and one is a Karolina Laskowska set?

A "la Vintage" egg in a silk bed. It came with a poem: "Silk and satin and all things nice, beautiful lingerie at a good price, and a welcome that's super friendly, that's what you'll find at Kiss Me Deadly."


A Queen of Vintage, with eggcellent tastes :)

The Vargas - complete with dragon wings!

And last but not least . . . no KMD competition is complete without weapons. Teeny, tiny toy ones!