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August 2014

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Lyla makes her swimsuit way less revealing, and shows us how!

Posted 22/08/2014 at 11:52 Comments

Celia and her customised Lydia: feathers and satin!

Posted 18/08/2014 at 13:05 Comments

Celia is totally new to me but I really hope she sticks around because I do love a good ostrich feather trim, especially in  a breeze. Plus she apologised for the good weather in Colorado, which I appreciate, because whilst British weather is really quite temperate, we do like to maintain our position as the number 1 complainers about  rain.

Here's what Celia said about the outfit:

I know I will garner little sympathy from you ladies in the UK, but the last few weeks we've had unusual rain in Colorado and had delayed photographing this ensemble. This week I ran out of time, but I was determined to use a certain location and managed to get it photographed on a windy evening with the light fading fast.

This is the Lydia set, customised with luscious turquoise satin, black organza, and a sort of side bustle made from ostrich, pheasant and crow feathers with silver accents. The bra has a curved collar of ostrich and crow feathers framing the decolletage. A looking glass brooch at the bust fashioned from a miniature hand mirror and silver teardrops completes the look.


As a vintage enthusiast and photographer, I wanted to create something  grand, and Lydia was the perfect foundation to build on.

Aimy Robyn is the gorgeous model wearing this ensemble. She's a pin-up model here in Denver. Although it was spitting rain and the wind blew her skirt almost up over her head a few times, she never wavered and her hair stood the test!

Hair, make-up, and styling: Celia Morrissey of Nightlight Digital
Model: Aimy Robyn

Poppy and her customised Deville and Elle: Silver glitter and shiny lights!

Posted 18/08/2014 at 11:58 Comments

Poppy took the bait and  plunged into wearable electronics, and I suspect may now throttle me if she gets hold of me again! Turns out they are very difficult to sew in. Silvr glitter paint, on the other hand, is pretty easy to apply - generally I think paint is the easiest fabric technique to get the hang of!

"I took the Blue DeVille bra and panty girdle, and painted the blue satinwith silver glitter fabric paint, and added a few embellishments. I then added some satin and 'cobweb' panels to my Elle Robe, with blue and white LEDs sewn into the satin panels using conductive thread (never again am I sewing cobweb/satin/LEDs in the same garment - it's been painful... :-) )
The inclement weather has meant that (as I left it all to the last minute and I'm going on holiday tomorrow morning!...) the pics unfortunately had to be taken inside."


I'm seeing some marabou, some satin ribbon, and some jewellery embellishments sewn on - to none stretch seams, which is the way to go!

Jean Louis and his customised DeVille: make it opaque and add crochet!

Posted 18/08/2014 at 11:38 Comments

You may recall Jean Louis from previous competitions, and he was also on our catwalk. He really, really likes crochet, and he really, really likes Kiss Me Deadly, but  we don't really design things with his body shape in mind, so he's pretty used to getting the needle and thread out. Mostly he adds extra panels, in mixed textures, adding an artsy edge to the usual KMD aesthetic. He's photographed the DeVille briefs on himself and the skirt on its own.

You can keep up with his crochet projects here on tumblr!


Desirée and her customsed Sirena: detailed stitching!

Posted 18/08/2014 at 10:58 Comments

Desiree says she was very nervous abou this, largely because of taking pictures of herself - but I think she looks great, very sultry, and I love all the tiny details she has changed on her set. Anything that involves skulls is also likely to get Morgana's vote!

I've added her notes on the changes and I would say that  they required  some specialist skills (I wouldn't trust myself with pleating!).


The bra:
- I made it a halter instead of regular straps. In the center back there is a piece of velvet ribbon connecting what once were the shoulder straps.
- Added sequins and beads to the sides of the cups. (Although it may not seem like a lot, there are hours and hours of work in this and I even ran out of black sequins.)
- Changed the center bow for a birds skull came with a glass pearl dangle.
- Added a black lace collar to the halter. It is made of a soft lace that I pleated, but not before flat lining it with a non stretch mesh fabric, often used for modern day petticoats.

The briefs:
- I changed the center bow for a birds skull came with a glass pearl dangle.

In the pictures you see me wearing the set teamed up with the What Katie Did Antoinette corset (in black satin) and a skirt that I made myself that is a flock silk taffeta fabric.


Lyz and her customised Vargas: a labour of Elytras

Posted 13/08/2014 at 18:12 Comments


I'm quite excited by this entry as I love the texture and colour of this - shiny blue-green will get me every time! But Lyz does have a warning; apparently it takes forever.

"I chose to customise my multiway Vargas dress, as these corselettes are my favorites pieces from you.
I hand sewn a few hundreds of elytras on it, as well as on your opaque stockings. This sounded like a great idea but I hated myself while spending days realising it!
"To have a proper KMD inspired shooting we went to old crumbled castles (damn revolutionists) at sunset, and, of course, I borrowed a sword Emoji "
(to put this in context, both the Uk and France, where Lyz is based, had civil wars that involved chopping the monachs head off and knocking castles down with cannon. Naturally, the French were much more enthusiastic about it than the British and chopped quite a few more royal heads off than us).

Amaryliss' customised outfit: iron all the things!

Posted 12/08/2014 at 09:21 Comments

Amaryllis sent us these pictures (and I saw a few that had been discarded because the guns were too small!) which show her in her turquoise Deluxe swimsuit, customised mostly using ironing!

All the studs, sparkles and the "POW!" are ironed on. She ironed with a damp cloth on top and lots of steam so as not to melt the fabric of the swimsuit. You have to be really careful with the heat setting and time. She says "I used the silk setting and lots of steam and pressed the iron down for no more than 20 seconds a time before moving to a new patch."

She also cut the ties at the neck and added a satin bow and metal charms. She took the fabric from the straps t make the belt, which is only attached at the side seams and the buckle actually unfastens.

Oh, and she added padding to the cups!



Lyla's customised outfit:beadwork

Posted 11/08/2014 at 10:50 Comments


I'm going to let Lyla explain this in her own words! The bra set she chose was the Violet Divine, which looks purple usually but blue in some lights.

"First off, photography credits go to one of my best friends in college, Carly Starnes ( One of the best things about going to an art school is that all of my friends are incredibly talented and creative -- and they'll do cool collaborative things with me like this!:) I hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them!




"Anyways, about the customization -- It's all bead embroidery, as I'm sure you can see from the photos. (I was originally going to do mostly thread embroidery with beads as details, but it turns out I'm not quite as talented as the costume
embroiderer for Game of Thrones like I thought I was...) I'm not sure if there's a "correct" way to stitch beads, but most of this was done with a long strand of little beads that I sewed to the bra with a separate strand of thread. At first, the scalloped pattern was going to be dragon scales, but after I did some research into fire breathing, I decided it would be more sensible (and more safe) not to quickly try to learn how to breathe fire for just one photoshoot! ;) And since I couldn't
bear to be a NON-fire-breathing dragon, I decided they were feathers instead! I ended up feeling like some kind of wicked forest queen, which I suppose is a close second to being a dragon, right?"

"I styled the outfit with a robe I bought at a consignment shop a while back, and apeacock feather collar that my great grandmother made when she was a practicing artist. After she passed away, we inherited a lot of her art and jewelry, and we have as much as we hanging up, but this is the first time in a while that this collar has made it out of the house!"


Have you sent us your customised KMD picture yet - or are you doinh the Lady in the Lake competition instead?



Amaryllis has a djinn-ious idea (what?!)

Posted 04/08/2014 at 14:43 Comments


So let me explain this.  Um . . .  I'm not sure I can, except that Amaryllis has been a very enthusiastic deadly for years now, so when she said she couldn't get her hair to match the Fifi, we sent her the Divine instead. We have moments of being nice. Cheeky requests get nowhere, but delighting folk who've sent us pictures and blogs and catwalked and stuff? We're on board with that!

Anyway, for some reason this spelt Djinn stories to Amaryllis, and she managed to rope her mum in for it! So I would like a rousing cheer of appreciation for Sylvia, mum of Amaryllis and extremely convincing wearer of bright pink.