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This page is for businesses looking to buy from us in bulk in order to sell on. If you are buying retro lingerie for personal use or as a gift, please buy in our online boutique.

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If you are an existing wholesale customers, please log in here to view your order history, place orders or view news and stock levels.

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To request access to our wholesale site and wholesale information, please fill in the form here and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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About Kiss Me Deadly Wholesale

Kiss Me Deadly is an independent boutique brand with no investors.

We produce lingerie, swimwear, steel boned corsets and some accessories and hosiery. As a fashion brand competing with a rapidly moving UK high street, our focus is on limited editions. Established in 2006, by 2012 we were voted the UK's favourite lingerie brand, and our designs are sought after items across the globe!

Are you a shop, website or both? We're interested in retailers who understand the value of independent brands and know what we mean by the scarcity effect! We regularly turn down retailers who don't have enough points of difference, and you must hold stock - no drop shipping, no sales from images, and your orders should give customers a good offering of our brand. We've been through our sales figures and talked to our customers so we know what they love.

Frequently asked questions:

Where do you make your goods?
Our manufacturing is spread across the globe with around 30% in the UK. Within the UK we often use upcycled fabrics. You can read more about our manufacturing and it's issues on our diary.

Do you provide images?
We provide high resolution images for products once you have ordred and paid for a saleable quantity. You can order just one of a thing to see the fit and quality, but you may not sell from it.

Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity?
Yes, its is £100 and this is primarily intended for sample orders and top-ups. Because wholesale margins are low, we do rewards buyers as their orders increase.

Do you charge for postage and packing?
We charge a £15 fee for orders between £100 and £200 in the UK; orders over that any delivery costs are free. For Europe and the rest of the world you delivery charges are fixed and depend on your order value.

Do you hold stock?
Yes we do and we can turn orders for it around in 2-3 days. However, we do have limits so some products have order deadlines, and when we say limited edition we really mean it! Sometimes we only have a limited amount of the fabric so it would be impossible to rerun no matter how great a seller, but generally we're just a fast-moving brand looking at novel colourways and designs.

What are your payment terms?
All orders are pro forma and payment would be by bank transfer (In sterling or Euro), debit or credit card (sterling amounts only), or cheque within the UK.

I'm in the USA, how do I deal with import issues?
You don't have to! Milltex are our USA agents and we will forward your wholesale interest to them so that you receive landed prices.

I'm a new retailer, will you deal with me?
Yes, if you are the right sort of retailer for us! We will need to have a clear idea of your business plan, particularly with respect to funding, marketing, presentation, and other brands you propose to stock.