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Who We Are

Name: Catherine.

Job title: God.

Sensible Job title: Managing Director.

Backstory: Started out in mental health/social care, now runs a lingerie brand. Buying knickers keeps her off of disability benefits, hurrah!

Responsibilities: Everything. The buck stops with her. That’s why she's called God, though we recommend picking a more robust one if you want to try this at home.

Superpowers: Knowing what we are trying to achieve and how we might get there. Social media - it’s usually her on facebook, twitter etc. Bossing people about.

Kryptonite: Actual technical skills, almost none. Customer service, terrible.

Interests: Mostly clothes and shoes and hats. A lingering tendency to read journal articles and shout at people who are wrong on the internet about mental health and disability issues.


Name: Lydia.

Job title: General Badass

Sensible Job title: Press, PR and Marketing Manager

Backstory: Studied Philosophy and English, ran away with the circus, became a showgirl and fell in love with pants. Not necessarily in that order. Became a professional pants nerd in 2013 and has not looked back.

Responsibilities: Customer care - making sure the army of Deadlies is happy and well-looked after; Press and PR - keeping KMD in the public eye; Marketing - coming up with mad schemes with Catherine which usually involve weapons, pirate ships or people getting tied up.

Superpowers: Social media, blogging and video-making.

Kryptonite: Sleazy guys who message our Facebook page thinking they're going to get to speak to Morgana. Accountancy. Broccoli.

Interests: Music (she also DJs retro and electro swing), dancing (she's a slave to the lindy-hop rhythm), vintage style (as long as she's not expected to act especially ladylike whilst rocking the stockings).