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About the Pictures

People often ask about our retro lingerie models. We don’t actually have many models; we have Morgana, a one woman talent show, combining skills as make-up artist, stylist, photographer, model and graphic designer in one petite package. She’s not at all your average model, in skills or in looks. We love the fact that she gives us her best work when we let her have a weapon to hold. She is the only person we know who would spend hours researching a character and background for one scene in a shoot!

Morgana is actually Spanish, her real name is a closely guarded secret, and you might recognise her from any one of a number of album covers. She now owns far too many stockings, and lives with her cat, Onyx. Onyx regularly attempts to steal the limelight.

Like all of our models, Morgana is happy to be approached with new projects if you love her work for us - and we fully recommend you take a look at her work for Lulu and Lush and Morgana Femme Couture (not her own label!) if you have a yen for steel boned corsets.

On occasion, we highlight Morgana's abilities as a photographer and photo editor by showing off her pictures of others.

In 2010, we started working with Viktoria Modesta - and we were very lucky to catch her with any free time before she was on Channel 4's Evo rooms for her musical talents! She also has careers in styling and modelling, and generally just has an amazing alternative look whenever and wherever you see her. There's a summary of her varied career here.

We should warn you: not everything in our pictures is real. Morgana can create almost anything given a graphics tablet and enough time. Our models really are as lovely looking in real life as in the pictures, and we don’t change their shapes – Morgana starts off with an amazingly tiny waist, and Lou (below) really is that athletic. However, you’ll find that many of the backgrounds cannot be found anywhere in real life, there are lighting effects, and the odd stray hairpin may not appear in the pictures when it was there at the shoot. This shot of Viktoria is done using a painted backdrop, although Morgana cursed the creases afterwards and spent hours removing them.

The weapons are always real, although mostly not functional. Happily everyone has remained calm enough to avoid maiming their colleagues thus far!

When we first saw Lou, she was on Britain's Next Top Model, a show that is great fun, but we had to disagree with them when she came second. She was happy to learn burlesque with Rebecca Drury for us for our show in November 2007at Madame JoJo's in Soho, travelling down to Brighton to learn how to use feather fans and time undressing yourself - apparently, burlesque is all about circles? Later, Morgana photographed her for our limited-edition Alouette in Emerald and Red and Black Vargas dress, released in 2008.

We went with a fencing theme for that season, and have been hearing from fencing fans afterwards that we did it all wrong. It's fashion, darlings. Its not supposed to be factually correct, its just supposed to look cool!

Since we did these shots, Lou returned to America's Next Top Model as the Brit Invasion, before leaving explosively of her own accord. Frankly, we still like her style!

She is now with Huges modelling agency as part of their 10+ section (yes, anything over a size 8 is unusual in modelling these days), and you can see her frequently in Perfectil adverts all over the place.

Another Britains Next Top Model finalist, Jessica Abidde, has featured regularly in shoot and events for us; again over the average size for a model, we adore her long legs and gorgeous face, plus her serious enthusiasm for wandering about wearing not much!

You can find Jessica on Model Mayhem and we catch her fairly regularly on TV. She also joins us at trade shows an press events where her degree and post graduate studies in languages come in handy!