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About Stockings

Stockings – are you an RHT, fully fashioned, sandal toe, lace top, pure nylon, lycra mix or cosmetic seam stocking fan? We love stockings, and make lingerie for other stocking enthusiasts. Now we also convert people to wearing them, after they find how secure and comfortable a good 6 strap suspender belt can be.

We use several styles of stockings in our photo shoots. Some our are own brand, but most are provided by Cervin, a superb quality French brand for whom we are also agents.

Why stockings?

Because they are sensual, elegant, and surprisingly practical! A ladder means you only lose one leg, not the entire item, and they are great for women’s health. We have a few styles of tights, but we challenge you to try one of our suspender belts – they really are the best!

Why are some of them wrinkled?

We often use pure nylon stockings – before the age of lycra, these were absolutely normal, but are now quite rare. They need to be the right size and they do tend to wrinkle, but many people consider this to be part of the attraction. They ladder less easily than lycra stockings, particularly because of Cervin's monofilament yarn and crystal weave, and feel sensational! We are the only brand to do a pure nylon stocking with a sheer foot – called a sandal foot or sandal toe, because many people prefer to wear them with open toed shoes or sandals. Nylon stockings with a reinforced heel and toe are usually referred to as an RHT.

What’s that hole?!

It is called a finishing loop, and it’s a giveaway sign that the stocking is an authentic 1950’s style fully fashioned stocking – made flat, rather than as a knitted tube, shaped to your leg and then sewn up the back.

Most seamed stockings now have cosmetic seams, which is the technical term for seams that aren't functional, but are sewn on after making the stockings.

So what else do you have stockings made in?

Cervin also produce some more modern stretch tights, stockings and hold-ups (made with lycra for stretch and silicone for grip). In the past, we have also sold silk stockings – extremely rare and luxurious!